17 October 2014

Skywatch Friday - A gloomy day at Addo

Who in their right mind goes to a game reserve on a wet and gloomy morning, when the rain is falling?

Me for one, plus a whole lot of other wildlife enthusiasts - some even in an open game viewing vehicle. In an interaction with the field guide afterwards, I was told it was quite miserable being in an open vehicle in the rain and wind, but I am sure they all rewarded themselves with a hot shower afterwards.

One thing about a gloomy day though, is that it does give you atmospheric shots.

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15 October 2014

The Climax Collection: Give-away

The climax of a dream come true.

Well the books arrived from the printers on Monday and I suppose we will not be eating at the dining room table until we have managed to sell a few. This is what a 1,000 books look like, when all neatly packaged.

The Climax Collection is a book of windmill photos, with captions reflecting our own wacky brand of humour. The pictures were gathered while travelling over thousands of miles around South Africa and there was much hilarity as Sue and I hit upon many of the captions, when we saw the opportunities.

According the Africa, this is why I live here Facebook page, it is "The most 'naughty but nice' truly South African keepsake book you could ever wish to find."

To promote the book we are giving away two copies this week, in two separate competitions:

Competition 1 on Africa, this is why I live here, ends tomorrow but if you are quick, there is still time to enter. All it requires is for you to 1. LIKE The Climax Collection's Facebook page.
2. LIKE the post on the Africa page and 3. SHARE the post.

Competition 2 on the The Climax Collection's Facebook page gives you the opportunity to join in the fun by adding your caption to the featured windmill photo. Pop over our site to enter.

11 October 2014

Red-necked Spurfowl

Since the birding specialists decided to harmonize the names of birds around the world, I along with many other mortals, have had to adapt to the new names. It's not that I resist change, but let's face it, the new names very often do not have a good ring to them.

Take this Red-necked Spurfowl for example - it used to be called the Red-necked Francolin and I still think of them as Francolin. My grandfather called them pheasants and so did I for many years, until I adapted to Francolin.

I suppose those massive spurs on its legs give credence to its new name and so I will just have to adapt.

10 October 2014

The Climax Collection: The secret life of windmills

What started off as a fun idea, while Sue and I were travelling and indulging in our passion for photography, has now become a fun book on windmills.  

The Climax Collection: The secret life of windmills is a unique book, part coffee-table photography, part colloquial South African humour and part travel. Once you have gone through it you will never look a windmill again without smiling.

The book is hot off the press and we are expecting it to arrive by Wednesday next week. We will  have updates on where and when copies can be bought on our Facebook page The Climax Collection: The secret life of windmills

The book can be ordered on line from our distributors Porcupine Press.

07 October 2014

Eating dirt

Zebra looking for minerals in the road as a boost to its diet.

26 September 2014

All puffed up - Cape Glossy Starling

A Cape Glossy Starling all puffed up and taking some time out from its busy schedule.

24 September 2014

An interlude in the rain

Today brought some very welcome rain to the Eastern Cape and while many of the animals at Addo did not appreciate the cold that accompanied it, this Cape Longclaw took full advantage of the situation by having a bath in a puddle, in the road.

18 September 2014

Skywatch Friday - Out on the plains

A pair of guineafowl foraging in the plains beneath a cloudy sky.

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