15 August 2014

In a forest of legs

It never ceases to amaze me how caring and protective elephants are of the new born calves.

It seems like being in the herd could be a dangerous place for these little guys, but somehow those big feet miss them and the little ones are able to move inside the herd quite safely.

14 August 2014

Richmond Hill Sunrise

I do so love sunrises. It is a time of the day that so many people miss, but being an early riser means I get to see plenty of them. This one was taken from my front gate, as the cold front made its appearance.

For many wonderful pictures from around the world visit the Skywatch Friday site.

12 August 2014

World Elephant Day 2014

World Elephant Day has been going on for three years now and is a time when people come together to honor elephants, to spread awareness about the critical threats they are facing, and to support positive solutions that will help ensure their survival.

Click here to see the World Elephant Day Press Release.

Here are a few photos that show these magnificent animals in their natural environment.

Two elephant bulls greeting

The true kings of the bush

There are some things that are not shared.

Asserting his dominance at the waterhole

29 June 2014

Route 67 - New Artwork

This weekend Suzie and I went to the Donkin to check out the latest artwork, which turned out to be a very cheerful piece of work. I still need to find out the name of the artist and the name of the work.

Close-up of some of the panels, which I believe are made from the caps of medicine bottles.

Route 67, is an amazing project displaying street art from the Campanile near the harbour, to the Nelson Mandela Bay Art Museum at St Georges Park. It was named in honour of the 67 years that Nelson Mandela contributed to South African politics and the struggle to eradicate apartheid.

28 June 2014

Inner City Birds - Yellow-billed Egret

A Yellow-billed Egret captured at the Donkin Reserve today. It is not a bird I have seen in the inner city before, but it is number 25 in my collection.

26 June 2014

Skywatch Friday - Fireworks

Another week to go and the National Arts Festival gets underway in Grahamstown and the festinos will be treated in for 10 days of music, art, theatre, good food, wine and the many stalls offering a wide range of "stuff" that you need, don't need and want. It is a time when the City of Grahamstown bursts at the seams with people and there is a great buzz. I guess that it is all about creativity, inspiration and stimulating the senses. When you leave it will be with a sense of knowing that you'll be back..

These are a few of the many photos I took of the fireworks display last year, which Suzie and I followed up with a mouth watering meal at one of the many restaurants afterwards.

It is one of the times when I get out of my bush mode and enjoy the vibe.

For many wonderful pictures from around the world visit the Skywatch Friday site.

25 June 2014

Going Green Again

Another old faithful that reached the end of its life and left to decay in the bush at Glen Lyndon, near Bedford. These old cars always make interesting photo subjects.

24 June 2014

Birds of the Inner City - Common Fiscal

Juvenile and adult Common Fiscals surveying the scene

Juvenile pouncing on some unseen prey