05 April 2012

Skywatch Friday - Sapphire Skies

Sometines you get a gem in the sky. It is there for a fleeting moment and then in the blink of an eye it is gone - but if you happen to capture it, you can enjoy it for a lot longer.

Visit Skywatch for more great sky pictures from around the world.

03 April 2012

The witching hour

I was up early one morning to capture an image of the park across the road from us, as it was shrouded in the mist and looked quite eerie. I felt the shots were somewhat bland to start with, until Wallace, our Siamese cat, decided to join me.

Cats are not the easiest of animals to photograph at the best of times, but try it in the dark when they are on the prowl and refuse to cooperate and it is almost impossible. Here he paused long enough to coincide with the shutter speed and give me a nice silhouette.