29 May 2011

Breakfast on the hoof

I could not help but wonder if this was breakfast on the hoof.

28 May 2011

Sunrise at New Brighton Pier

It was a cold and windy morning, but the sunrise was stunning.....

27 May 2011

Through the rain swept windscreen

I am beginning to grasp the concept that photograpy is not always about the crystal sharp photos. Sometimes a different perspective has an appeal of its own.

These shots are of the old SA Milling building, in Central, which I took a few weekends ago, when we were experiencing heavy rain. I didn't want to get out and get wet, so what the heck............this is the result.

These two pics also mark the en of an era as they were taken with my Panasonic Lumix, which has served me well, but which I have now outgrown. The zoom looses a lot of definition when used to its maximum and I have been not been very sucessful with many of my wildlife photos, especially birds.

For a long tine now I have been hankering to get my hands on a DSLR and took the plunge this week, when I took delivery of a Pentax K-r. My decision was influenced by the fact that I have a collection of Pentax lenses from my old film SLR, which thanks to Pentax innovation are compatible with the latest digital cameras. And I am also a Pentax fan.

The week has not produced many photo opportunities, but hopefully that is going to change this weekend.

05 May 2011

Skywatch Friday - Cotton clouds

On a recent road trip from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg, we had about two hours added to the travelling time as a result of road repairs and the frequent "stop and go's". Well there was no point in getting irritated with all the waiting, when there were so many photo opportunities around, like these clouds forming over the Free State.

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