16 October 2009

Sky Watch Friday - Istanbul Sunset

Well it's getting late, but it's still Friday so here is a picture from our recent holiday to Turkey. This scene was shot from the Galata Bridge in Istanbul, looking West across the Golden Horn.

It was a balmy summers evening, with clear skies filled with sea gulls enjoying the dying hours of daylight. For more great picture visit the Sky Watch site.

15 October 2009

Baboon on the move

Baboons are a common sight in the Grootrivier Pass near Plettenberg Bay. The only problem is that they are always on the move, so getting a picture is not always easy. It is also not safe to stop on the narrow roads so I was pleased when I managed to photograph this young baboon.

Continuing with Cats

I personally do not like to see wild animals caged, but Tenikwa does give you the opportunity to get up close and personal. Like this pair of Caracals. We did stumble across one at the Addo Elephant Park a while back, and it was a joy to see. These animals are persecuted by farmers and are very shy and seldom seen.

The Serval was not vey cooperative and was determined not to allow us to get a decent phograph. Yes, even wild cats are wonderfully perverse creatures.

14 October 2009

Walking with Cheetahs

At the Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre, we had the opportunity to walk with the Cheetahs.

They look like cats.........................

They purr like cats........................maybe a little louder...............

They have paws like dogs...............................................

It was a great experience to be walking with these big spotted felines.

13 October 2009

Life with Suzi - Creepy crawlies

Last night Suzi and I were sitting on the sofa when she let out a falsetto shriek and leapt off the couch and made a strategic withdrawal. I did not know what was happening and leapt up as well. She had seen a centipede crawling on my shoulder and it was in the process of climbing onto my face.

When I leapt up the centipede fell down and disappeared. I hunted high and low for it to no avail. I then sprayed liberal amounts of insect killer all around the sofa and the skirting boards. In the meantime Suzi was now sitting on one of the armchairs with her feet up and her skin crawling.

We carried on watching TV (constantly on the lookout for this creepy crawly) and about 15 minutes later I felt as though the skin on the lower left hand side of my back was crawling. I shifted forward, looked down and saw nothing and the sensation was gone. I made myself comfortable again and then saw a rather large centipede moving across my stomach. I quickly flicked it off me and onto the floor and then returned the compliment by walking on it. In the words of Monty Python, "It was no more, it had ceased to be, it had gone to meet its maker...." it was a late centipede.

I was not going to blog about this, but Shabby Girl did say, "I hope you all had a centipedelessly wonderful Monday!" Amazing how we shared similar experiences at about the same time, on opposite sides of the world.

10 October 2009


Zwelakhe, the leopard is one of the orphans at the Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre. He is nine months old and already quite a handsome fellow.

His was the only cat enclosure we were not allowed to enter, because he is already quite big and is very playful and according to our guide can be quite rough. I was therefore happy not to go into his enclosue, as I do not want to be played with by a leopard. I have also heard that leopards do not teach their cubs to hunt, it comes natuarally to them.
Many farmers still trap and kill leopards, but organizations such as Tenikwa are doing a lot to educate farmers to rather capture and relocate them.

08 October 2009

Meet Edwina

Edwina the Marabou Stork really gives a new meaning to the word "ugly" - in a comical way. Lets face it she is no beauty, but she has character.
If you want to meet her she resides at the Tenikwa Wildlife Awareness Centre at the Crags, near Plettenberg Bay. Tenikwa is noted for being a wild cat sanctuary, but I can't resist the birds.

After our tour with the wild cats we went into the bird sanctuary and then discovered that Edwina is not only ugly, she is also vey friendly. Just give an invitation and she will climb on your lap.

This was more fun than stroking the cheetahs. The only problem is that when you get up to leave she nips at your rear end.

I will post some cat pictures soon.

Life with Suzi - Holding Hands

Suzi and I were recently walking hand-in-hand along a narrow passage way to the parking lot at the St Georges Hospital. Coming up from behind us, at a brisk was a young woman, so we stepped aside to let he pass.

"No please carry on," she said remaining where she was. "I am really enjoying this," she continued, "I only wish that when I get to such a good age that my husband still holds my hand."

We smiled at her and continued walking. When we climbed into our car we looked at each other and burst out laughing. We had never thought of ourselves as having reached a "good age".

Soon after we had met Suzi and I were at a party and were standing together holding hands, when a friend came up and told us that when we were married as long as she was we would stop holding hands. When we asked her how long she had been married, she replied, "Six months."

That was just over 33 years ago. I guess some things never change and when we get to an even better age we will still be holding hands.