29 November 2011

Urban Prison #3 - Hemming us in

There as a time when I would stroll over to the cliff above Albany Road to enjoy the sunset or to just look at the Bay. Those days are over. This area became a dumping ground for building rubble and garden refuse, it was an escape route for criminals and became a favourite hangout for drunks and druggies......................
The result, rather than tackling the root cause of the problems, the authorities decided to fence off the area and so one of my favourite viewpoints is gone, unless you enjoy looking through the wire.

28 November 2011

Launch break

I did not catch the sunrise on this morning, but captured the gate keeper taking a launch break.

27 November 2011

Surf rocks

The sea was simmering gently at Schoenmakerskop yesterday morning.

24 November 2011

Skywatch Friday - Shades of blue

The jacarandas have been blooming in Richmond Hill for the past few weeks. Their display is for such a short time, but it is really magnificent.

Visit Skywatch for many more great pictures from around the world.

23 November 2011

The Urban Prison #2 - View through the wire

Looking towards Central from the old PE Tramays building.

22 November 2011

Oppose the Protection of "Corruption" Bill

Make your voice heard today by protesting against The Protection of State Information Bill, which is to be voted on in parliament today. This is just another nail in the coffin for freedom of speach, in our hard won democracy and a step backwards to the old apartheid style legislation. It also raises issues of credibility about the governments sincerity to fight corruption.

This is not a time to keep quiet so if you have not yet done so please add your voice, by going to the AVAAZ website, where you can send messages on line or access the telephone numbers of the decision makers.

The "Editors' pleas on secrecy bill" in the Times LIVE gives a thought provoking view of the main concerns about the bill.


20 November 2011

Reflections of the Hill

Take a few window panes in an unpreposseing tower block and what do you get? Reflections from Richmond Hill.

17 November 2011

Skywatch Friday - Turbulent Sky

The sky over Kleinpoort in the Karoo, looking very ominous.

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15 November 2011

Back in the abstract zone

I have been enjoying exploring abstract photography in the city. This one was also taken the other night in Govan Mbeki Avenue, just before Baakens Street, in the pouring rain.

14 November 2011

The Streets Of Richmond Hill - Edward Street Synagogue

I could not resist the contrast between the red of the flowering gum and the blue on the buildings.

Close up of the flowering gum.

13 November 2011

Red necks

A pair of rednecked spurfowl at the Addo Elephant National Park.

12 November 2011

Breaking the rules again

A few months ago I posted some pictures of me breaking the rules, by taking hand held shots through the windscreen of the car, at night, in pouring rain and actually enjoying the blurred results. Traditional Max likes well composed, sharp pictures and does not like to deviate from what he is comfortable with, but that all changed that night - I now like the challenge of the abstract.

Last night conditions were perfect for my new bent, as it was pouring with rain, so Sue and I went out on a photographic jaunt. There was no room for tripods, so it was a question of cranking up the ISO rating and shooting through the car windows.

Heading down Donkin Street towards Govan Mbeki Avenue.

Palm trees on the Donkin reserve.

Heading down Govan Mbeki Avenue towards the City Hall.

10 November 2011

Sunrise over the Russel Road Cemetary looking towards Algoa Bay

For those of you who are interested in history, this is also where James Langley Dalton is buried. He was one of the survivors of the Battle of Rorkes Drift and a recipient of the Victoria Cross. Langley's character also featured in the 1964 movie Zulu.

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09 November 2011

Urban Prison - Razor Wire #1

I have started a series of pictures that I call the "Urban Prison" to reflect the changing face of the urban environment. When I was a child security was not an issue. We had no burglar bars on our windows, our doors were never locked, barbed wire was confined to farm fences and CCTV and burglar alarms were concepts for the future. That has all changed.

Today, in many cities, we create barriers around our homes and our businesses to keep the bad elements out and ourselves and our property safe. In so doing create our own "Urban Prison."

05 November 2011

Cape River Frog

I cannot resist stopping to photograph any form of wildlife. In fact it is a compulsion with me that is almost magnetic, as I am drawn towards the creature that captures my attention. For this one I had to clamber down some rocks and perch precariously over the water's edge and hope I that I did not fall in.

03 November 2011

Skywatch Friday - A bright day in Nelson Mandela Bay

The new look ArtEC building has become a symbol of urban renewal in Central, where many of the old buildings have been allowed to fall into decay. The mural was commissioned by the Nelson Mandela Bay Development Agency as part of the Route 67 - the art route that starts at the Campanile and ends at the Nelson Mandela Bay Art Museum. This route will put Port Elizabeth firmly on the map as far as street art goes, but that will be a subject for another day.

I just love the way the colours of the building are enhanced by the blue of the early morning sky.

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01 November 2011

Karoo Kat - Our shadow

Sue and I first met this cat when it as still a kitten, when it joined us on an early morning walk. She is still as friendly as ever and does not miss an opportunity to go for a stroll in the bush.