12 November 2011

Breaking the rules again

A few months ago I posted some pictures of me breaking the rules, by taking hand held shots through the windscreen of the car, at night, in pouring rain and actually enjoying the blurred results. Traditional Max likes well composed, sharp pictures and does not like to deviate from what he is comfortable with, but that all changed that night - I now like the challenge of the abstract.

Last night conditions were perfect for my new bent, as it was pouring with rain, so Sue and I went out on a photographic jaunt. There was no room for tripods, so it was a question of cranking up the ISO rating and shooting through the car windows.

Heading down Donkin Street towards Govan Mbeki Avenue.

Palm trees on the Donkin reserve.

Heading down Govan Mbeki Avenue towards the City Hall.


Katie (Nature ID) said...

I like abstract photos, too. I even have a label on my blog for crappy photos, fondly named after: http://crappyphotoblog.blogspot.com/

orvokki said...

I like your interesting fotos.

Sylvia K said...

I do love the watercolor effect of your photos through the rain! Terrific captures, Max! Hope you have a great weekend!


Spare Parts and Pics said...

I think my choice would be "Abstract Max" (vs. Traditional Max) just because I love to see experimentation with photography. These hand-held shots through a wet windshield are great!!

Firefly said...

I prefer traditional as well, but nothing wrong with the odd "interesting" pic.