22 November 2011

Oppose the Protection of "Corruption" Bill

Make your voice heard today by protesting against The Protection of State Information Bill, which is to be voted on in parliament today. This is just another nail in the coffin for freedom of speach, in our hard won democracy and a step backwards to the old apartheid style legislation. It also raises issues of credibility about the governments sincerity to fight corruption.

This is not a time to keep quiet so if you have not yet done so please add your voice, by going to the AVAAZ website, where you can send messages on line or access the telephone numbers of the decision makers.

The "Editors' pleas on secrecy bill" in the Times LIVE gives a thought provoking view of the main concerns about the bill.


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Firefly said...

I wore black in opposition to the bill yesterday and did not keep my mouth critisising it on FB either. Yesterday was a sad day for democracy in South Africa