07 January 2011

Close encounters of the elephant kind

Have you ever had a stand off with an elephant in the African bush, while on foot? This elephant was about fifty metres from me when I took this shot and was telling me in no uncertain terms to get lost.

Pictures can be so deceiving. On our way to the Karoo on Monday afternoon we stopped to photograph a small herd of elephants while driving past a private game reserve.  I was on foot and the reason I did not have to beat a hasty retreat was because of the fence. Though I doubt that this fence will stop a determined elephant.

His rantings were all bluster and bravado and he soon strolled off to feed with the rest of the herd. I have seen this behaviour before, where an elephant will pause in its wandering and have words with a warthog or jackal and then continue on its way.

06 January 2011

Skywatch Friday - African Sunset

We have just spent a glorious three days in the Karoo. This was sunset on night two.

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