30 November 2013

Port Elizabeth Tramways Building

A blue heron lurking in the Baakens River under the M4 freeway. The reflection in the water is from the Port Elizabeth Tramways Building which is being restored after many years of neglect.

Restoration of the Tramways Building is well under way. When this project is complete this it is going to become one of the city's iconic landmarks. Credit must be given  to the Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA) for having the vision to turn this once derelict building into their head office.

26 November 2013

Baby elephant pile on

Living near to the Addo Elephant National Park has its advantages, because when I need my bush fix it is a mere 40 kms from my front door.

This year has been really special, with the arrival of a big crop of baby elephants and like all children they are playful,  mischievous and a joy to watch.

On this trip I spent a long time sitting in the middle of a small family group watching the antics of these two .

The game ultimately culminated in a pile on and you can see that they are really enjoying themselves.

25 November 2013

Wrecked car

This old car spotted alongside the road on the way to the Tankwa Karoo National Park, makes a nice photographic study, as it blends in with the vegetation and soil.

24 November 2013

Cape Recife - gannets

Cape gannets flying home near the beacon at Cape Recife