05 September 2009

Bulgarian Cameos #3 - Transport

You will see a lot of new cars on the roads in Bulgaria, with a good mix of Trabants, Ladas and Skodas from a bygone era. But the the donkey cart is still a widely used form of transport throughout the country.

You will find that a large percentage of villagers have a donkey and a cart, though some have swapped the donkey for a tractor.

When we were in the village of Srem, a most heinous crime was commited when someone's donkey was shot. The perpetrator was never found and is still on the loose and some wag was heard to say, "You can shoot my wife, but not my donkey."

01 September 2009

Bulgarian Cameos #2 - Graffiti

Graffiti artists seem to crawl out of the woodwork wherever you go - it is just the spelling that varies.
I assume that this example of graffiti, seen in Elhovo was not Bulgarian as it was not written in Cyrillic script.