21 June 2009


So my side bar does say that I am celebrating the beauty of the Eastern Cape, but that is about to change as Suzi-k and I are in Istanbul. After a nine and a half hour journey we arrived yesterday morning. Wow, were those seats uncomfortable! But I wont go there - let me just accept taht as part of the pain of getting here.

We have arrived and love the place. The Mavi Guest House, in the Sultanamet is home for now. The sense of history is amazing. We are within a stones throw of the Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, and the Roman Cistern built in the sixth century to name a few. Across the road is what remains of the old city wall.

The Blue Mosque, viewed from across a park in the Sultanamet.

The streets are narrow and cobbled and wherever you go there are people plying their wares. Cars seem to travel in both directions, making liberal use of their horns. This narrow street, running down from the Topkapi Palace, like so many from around the world has not been immune from the graffiti artists.

Yesterday evening we strolled down to the Bosphorus and bought our evening meal from the street vendors. Good food at reasonable prices and Max friendly (for those who don't know I am fanatical about having heart friendly food) - but best of all was the experience.

A view of the Bosphorus Bridge taken by Suzi-k. To the left is Europe and the right Asia

The Galata Bridge crosses the Golden Horn. Beneath it you can take your choice of restaurants. If you look carefully, you will see the fishermen crowding the top of the bridge. All they pull out are little fish that would feel at home in a sardine tin, but there seems to be no restriction on size, as none get thrown back. I could not help wondering how many unsuspecting folk on the lower deck have had a fish hook through the ear.

What would one of my posts be without a sunset. This view is looking up the Golden Horn - quite appropriate

We travelled back to Sultanamet by tram as we did not relish the long walk back. For one Turkish Lira we felt the price was reasonable.


shabby girl said...

Thanks for the tour! I laughed out loud at the fish hook in the ear! I'll bet it Has happened!
Istanbul sounds so exotic to me, I love seeing it through your photos!

Corey Wilde said...

What a fabulous place. Loved the pix. Istanbul seems so mysterious and intriguing; just looking at the pix conjures up stories.

Michelle Johnson said...

Enjoyed the tour and the stunning pictures- The Blue Mosque, Graffiti Walls, View from Bosphorus Bridge and Golden Horn's Sunset. Wow~

I should hope that the people on that lower deck didn't get hooked as that would have to hurt. LOL!

Looking forward to more pics and stories from Istanbul. Have a great day.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thanks for the wonderful tour! I thought Germany's streets were narrow in the older areas, wow! How do they get through both ways. ;) Such an intriguing place. As for the fishing, I wouldn't want to be looking up. Bet there have been some getting hooked. The sunset is wonderful! Thank you.

Judi said...

Thank you for the wonderful tour! My husband has been wanting to go to Istanbul for years. I will share your tour with him!! Thanks again, and I look forward to more photos!!

Avril said...

Looks fantastic! Enjoy it! Only in my dreams I will ever get there so thanks - I shall look forward to more pics

sonia a. mascaro said...

Gorgeous photos, Max! What a fantastic voyage!

Katney said...

Getting there is NOT always half the fun. thanks for taking us along. I look forward to more.

Firefly said...

Turkey is awesome. So much beauty, history and culture. A photographer and traveler's dream.