31 December 2009

The Lesotho Experience

We have just got back from an enjoyable few days stay, with family in village, in Lesotho. Like so many things in life, unless you embrace the situation and go with the flow, it will be a disappointment. We went with the flow.

If you are prepared to embrace rough roads, no running water, porter potties or long drops and no electricity this is a holiday for you. Our water supply came from rain water tanks at the side of the house, which was fortunate, otherwise we would have been obliged to collect our water in containers from the village borehole.

These inconveniences are more than compensated for by the friendly people, the village life and the spectacular views, whether it is the countryside or a scene from the village.

The washing on this line was probably done by hand in a tin tub, after the water was collected from the borehole about 600 metres away. It makes me really appreciate our local laundry - in fact I will never complain about going to collect the laundry again.


CafebyJW said...

It looks so green, I only know Lesotho as their King visit our country a few years back to celebrate our King :)

Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year to you all.

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rapunzel said...

Beautiful, beautiful views!

Eaglesbrother said...

Love the first photo of the Donkey framed against a beautiful sunset sky.

Have a very great new year.

Titania said...

Really great scenery. I know we are very spoilt with all our conveniences. Like you said, the beautiful countryside makes up for it. One just has to adapt to a different lifestyle. I guess for the women wash day is hard work even when it looks so easy when the garments hang neatly on the line to dry. It is wonderful to see your photography and I am glad you send me a comment. T.

Scriptor Senex said...

Those spectacular views would compensate for a lot!

Rose said...

It might be good for us all to go back to this a little...I was actually raised in a house with no electricity till I was approximately 3 yrs. old. In the hills of northeast Tennessee. I was the youngest of 8 brothers and sisters, and all but me and one of my brothers were born at home. Most people cannot imagine that now.

Anna said...

Max-e glad you had a good time.
Nice surreal and peaceful place.
Anna :)