18 April 2010

The Port

Misty morning at the Port and no wind. We spent a very restful easter weeknd at Port st Francis a few weeks ago. It is such a nice laid back and restful place to recharge the old batteries.

A different view of the walkway alongside the harbour. The walkway was built to ensure that hikers walking along the coast have access to walks on either side of the Port.

These boot were made for walking...................I did a double take when I saw these boots and wondered why anyone would leave them in the garden area, until I saw the plant growing from one of them. Well, if whoever left their shoes lying about eventually finds them, they might all have plants growing from them.

1 comment:

Anna said...

Max-e and we got some crazy winds here, lol. Weather been kind of surprising, one day cold and the other day warm. Nice planters in the boots, I have seen that before.

Glad to see you blogging!
Anna :)