31 October 2010

Port Elizabeth Airshow 2010

The weather for yesterday's airshow was cool and overcast and because of the glare from the clouds it was not ideal an ideal day for photography. But that did not stop me. For today I will focus on my two favourites.

Mustang Sally a world War II veteran Mustang P51 (N72FT) was one of the stars of the show.

The Mustang has classic lines and still a good performer.

Bad Attitude, a Hawker Sea Fury FB11 (NX42SF).

The Hawker Sea Fury was built for service on aircraft carriers. Her wings fold up and the tail has a 45 degree slope at the base for the hook that arrests the plane when it lands


Firefly said...

I ended up not making it, but if the sky was blue I would have made more effort getting there.

Zane said...

Wonderful aircraft. I made it to the airshow, but never entered the gates preferring to take photos from outside the fence.

Posted a few images on my blog