10 July 2011


Africa is full of many wierd and wonderful creatures. One of my favourites is the meerkat. They are such curious animals and I enjoy the  characteristic way they stand on their hind legs and survey the scenery.
But do not be fooled by the fact this is such a sweet looking little fellow - look at the fang sticking out. There is a good reason why the sign on his cage carries a warning to keep your fingers out, because he bites.


Anna said...

Max-e every time we go to the zoo, I adore them. They are good for photography, lol. Thanks for sharing, and hope all is well. Anna :)

Firefly said...

Once you have seen them in the wold its hard to believe that people would want to withhold that from them by keeping them as pets.

sonia a. mascaro said...

One of my favourites animals from Africa is the meerkat, I know as suricate. When I lived in São Paulo, I went many times to the Zoo and the first animal I visit was that lovely suricate.
I have an amazing book I always read, named Field Guide to Africa Wildlife, National Audubon Society.