10 January 2012

Rhino Hunting Auction Travesty

A simple message, "I have something to tell you..." on you tube has really opened a can of worms on the subject of the onging slaughter of our country's rhino.

I find it unbelievable that that at a time when our rhino population is under threat, from poaching that Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife is allowing an anonymous KwaZulu-Natal businessman, the right to hunt and kill a white rhino for the princely sum of R960,000.

One of their spokesmen claims that this forms part of ongoing plans to control the number of white rhinos. Who do they think they are fooling. The rhinos can be relocated to any number of reserves around the country. It is estimated that 443 rhinos were poached in 2011, so there are many areas where the population can be replenished. Would it not be better to preserve them, rather than to kill them to satisfy the ego of some rich dude.

Another claim is that the money generated from the auction will be used for conservation. Can anyone explain to me how the killing of any endangered species contributes to conservation. It is no wonder that this action has sparked widespread outrage around the country.

The statement by one of their spokesmen that, “We have not broken any laws as the law fully allows us to have hunts like this,” is also part of the spin. The fact that it may be legal does not make it right.

The fact is that rhinos are endangered and we should be preserving them rather than killing them.

To read more on this subject go to "S. Africa rhino hunting auction sparks controversy."


Sylvia K said...

This is so heartbreaking! We should indeed be doing all that we can to preserve the rhinos. Thank you for your post, Max!


Firefly said...

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife is going to take a lot of fleck with this. They will also loose a lot of support.