11 May 2012

Skywatch Friday - Super Moon

This week saw the arrival and the departure of the super moon. I did not bother with any close ups of the moon, because my efforts at moon photography are usually a disaster.  Having said that I did include the moon, albeit bright and fuzzy, in this picture taken at Hobie Beach, at the spring low tide.

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arabesque said...

a wonderful night shot, and the clouds covering the moon makes this more interesting. ^0^

Sylvia K said...

Beautiful night shot indeed! I love the reflections and the night sky! It is hard to get a good shot of a moon like we've had! Hope you and your family have a great weekend, Max!


Tito Eric said...

Very very nice evening shot!

chubskulit said...

Beautiful to see! Have a fabulous weekend.

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Aiketa said...

Your photo is beautiful! My moon shots are never great either... I guess it's because my camera is not a really good one.
I wish though some day I can take really good photos of the moon.

I’m visiting from SkyWatch Friday. Here’s My Sky.

Regards from Barcelona.

katney said...

That is a delightful moon! And can one really do a "close up" of the moon anyway?

Firefly said...

Super picture Max. Stuning.