31 December 2012

Happy New Year

I cannot believe another year has come and gone, but I supppose that time waits for no one.

As is my custom I will not be making any new years resolutions, but will continue to live life to the fullest. Having said that I like the following quote from Paulo Coelho and think I will give it a try this year:

kiss slowly
laugh insanely
love truly
forgive quickly

Wishing all of you out there have a truly wonderful and prosperous new year.


Marmsk said...

Beautiful, dramatic sky!

Judy said...

What an awesome sunset!!

Aiketa said...

It's sound like a resolution "To live life to the fullest" to me. Such a great resolution.
I love Paulo Coelho's quote. I think we all should do that!

BTW, your sunrise is incredibly beautiful! :D

Firefly said...

I hope 2013 is a kick ass year