28 April 2008

I must be mad!

If you reaad my earlier post on camping you will know that I was "traumatised" as a kid and put off camping, but not for life. Today we cross these mountains to even loftier heights - yes, to CAMP. This picture unfortunately does not show the snow that is blanketing the higher peaks of the Eastern Cape Drakensberg - I must be MAD!


Jenty said...

Rather you than me, I don't camp either! :)
Beautiful scenery though, it's gonna be bloomin' cold!

dot said...

Bet you got some great pictures!

Old Wom Tigley said...

ha! yest quite mad...:O)

Tint~ said...

You're not mad :) This takes me back to school camps at Hogsback, often in winter. Mind if I link to your blog? I left PE far too long ago and am desperate for any news. The photos are, for me, a wonderful bonus.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

LoL... Nah, you're not mad! It's a beautiful picture. We've done many nights up here in the Rockies camping with waking up the next morning to a couple of inches of snow around our tents!! Winter storms hit so unexpectedly up here in the Alpine mountains... it's cold but what an experience!!

Neva said...

I CAN camp and I HAVE camped but I do not LIKE to camp.....I am even a trained Boy Scout Leader and can teach you how to dig a kaybo, put up a tent, cook in the ground. but these days...if it doesn't say "Holiday Inn"--at the very minium....I DO NOT camp. But the scenery here is beautiful enough I might reconsider that choice!

photowannabe said...

Not mad...be brave, it may turn out to be the start of something really good. Just remember to bring along your long johns...stay warm.

Max-e said...

Thank's all for your comments.
When I get home tomorrow will visit you all.
Must say I enjoyed the experience.

Jenty it was more than bloomin' cold - I even managed to buy myself a pair of goves, much to my delight, at the one camp we stayed at.

Dot we have some awesome pictures

Tom, you are right - quite mad - but in a nice way.

Tint, glad that you found my site and enjoy it. You are most welcome to link to it. Will pop around to your site soon as well. Hogsback was great as usual - will be posting more pics soon.

Michele, I am not as brave as you -at the first sign of snow I would have headed for the low lands - I believe it has started snowing there this evening.

Neva I have revised my views of the big hotels, we spent one night in one of the more expensive hotels at Lake Mohale as a treat - what a let down. I prefered the hut we stayed in - there were no rats swarming outside the kitchen, I kid you not. More about that later, but they will be hearing from us.

Photowannabe, it was great fun. We mixed the camping with huts and other assoreted accommodation. The hut remains my faourite