12 April 2008

Rats in the park - tail piece

In a number of my recent posts I have ranted on about the crime rate and the government wanting to take away our rights as citizens from carrying any form of self defence weapons, like pepper spray.

It seems like I am not the only one who has a problem with criminals and the Government's approach to crime.

Our Deputy Safety and Security Minister, Susan Shabangu created quite a stir with her statements at an anti crime forum in Pretoria West this week.

What she said, as reported in the Star newspaper of 10 April:

You must not worry about the regulations. That is my responsibility. Your responsibility is to serve and protect.

I want to assure the police station commissioners and policemen and women from these areas that they have permission to kill these criminals.

I want no warning shots. I want one shot and it must be a kill shot. If you miss, the criminals will go for the kill. They don’t miss. We can’t take this chance.
The Constitution says that the criminals must be kept safe, but I say No!

I say we must protect the law-abiding people and not the criminals. I say that the criminals must be made to pay for their crimes.

Wow! No wonder her comments have created a stir – they run in the face of the Constitution, legal precedent and the usual bleeding heart approach to these issues. Well if she pulls this one off, she has my vote.

Having said that, I don’t want to go to her extremes, all I want is to be able to legally, “Pepper spray the bastards”, if the need arises.


Old Wom Tigley said...

Now thats what I call standing up to be counted.. and not sitting on the fence...

I must admit to laughing at this.. but sometimes things like this need saying.

good luck to her and of course you

Bob Johnson said...

She'd get my vote too, not many people would take a stand like that, good on her.