21 July 2008

Organic pest control

Felicity cat has taken to catching locusts and bringing them into the house. It is more than just catching - it is an obsession with her as she brings in about four or five a day, which is good for our garden. What is not good, is putting your foot on crunchy locust in the dark!

She is not trying to be cute, but is looking for a victim that eluded her in the house.

Here she is checking out the lavender bushes for her next victim. Sometimes she climbs through the upper branches of our shrubs looking for her prey.

Felicity cat adds new meaning to the term "organic pest control".


Old Wom Tigley said...

She's just so beautiful, those eye could melt the hardest heart for sure Max. :0)

RiverPoet said...

What a beautiful girl she is. I'm sure she mesmerizes the locusts and lures them in, just before - GOTCHA!

Peace - D

Katney said...

Our dog would chase flies. Jump and snap at them. She did not deliver them to the house, though.

Kerri said...

Oh, Felicty just gets more adorable as she gets older! What a beautiful cat she is!! I would NOT want to step on a crunchy locust in the dark. I remember as a child stepping on a cricket in bare feet....YUCK!

becky voyles said...

The 1st shot of your cat is a bit wicked. Those eyes almost scared me!