13 July 2008

A quiet night at the Port

It was a quiet night at Port St Francis last weekend, with most boats being out at sea.

The patrons at the Port Hole Restaurant (top floor of building to the left) and the Chokka Block Restaurant (top floor the building to the right) have a nice birds eye view of the Port and the sea beyond - combine that with a good meal and good company and you have the recipe for a great evening.


Swubird said...


Nice shot. My wife and I used to go down to Redondo beach in southern California to have dinner. The restaurant was right on the edge of the water, and the night scene across the bay looked very similar to this shot of yours. You image has brought back delicious memories.

Happy trails.

sonia a.m. said...

Very beautiful photo, Max! Love the reflection... gorgeous! This place looks so nice!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Max great view..
Love the light reflecting on the water..
I've set a new blog up this week for Sky Watch.. at the moment theres a test post there if you get the time check it out.


Anna said...

...and I am already enjoying it, nice reflections on the water. Anna :)

Rose said...

Love the lights reflections in the water...very nice shot.