15 March 2009

Life with Suzi - Shopping

I was not able to ascertain whether this sign was put up tongue in cheek, or whether the staff from "Out if the Blue" at St Francis Bay, have had to contend with many grumpy husbands coming into the shop with their wives. It got a smile from me anyway - in fact I ran back to my car to get my camera.
It made me think of the shopping experiences Suzi-k and I have. Usually we have a lot of fun when we shop together. In fact we can be a very bad influence on one another, especially in book shops.
But..........then there are the shops we classify as "boys shops" and "girls shops".
Let's see, a decor shop falls into the category of a "girls shop". The conversation usually starts like this. "I just want to pop in here quickly, do you mind?"
"No," I lie.
I manage to whip around the shop in thirty seconds. I take everything in and foolishly think it is now time to hit the road. Alas, Suzi-k has not made it past the first display, so I do many more circuits.
I don't get grumpy. I may just casually remark that I look a lot quicker than she does and she gets a hunted look on her face.
I think she secretly enjoys the "boys shops", but will never admit it. Sometimes has to restrain me - "We do not need any more camping equipment, let's first use the stuff we already have," or "Haven't you got enough knives?" My stock reply is, "A man can never have enough knives."
There is one area of shopping where Suzi-k refuses to go with me. That is shoe shopping. Even I have to admit that I am a total pain, because I am so fussy about what goes onto my feet, but at least my shoes are comfortable.


Avril said...

LOL's ... My hubby is the same as you - what is it about hubby's and shopping?! My son was the same - hubby-in-training ... I took him and our little granddaughter to our local nursery (Lifestyle) for her to play in the playground and us to sip coffee - and he avoided the door to the nursery section .. "can't go through there" he said .. can't stand nurseries!" Ooops - what have I done!!

Avril said...

Oops that didn't come out right! I meant that I took my son when he was little, with me shopping .. then now - all grown up - took him on Friday to plant nursery .. but you got it I'm sure!

Suzi-k said...

Hehe, that bit about the shoe shopping is true, oh my WORD!!! The last time I was invited along I think I might have mentioned that having all my toenails pulled out would be less painful :)

Firefly said...

I'm with you there Max. Just pretend to look interested.

Cheesy said...

Ok Max I am going to make the comment that first came to mind... please forgive me but, oh well you know me~~

Comfortable shoes eh? A lesbian trapped in a mans body?

Ok I am going back to the corner with my wench hat on.....

[side note] I am sorry if I offended anyone.. this was not my purpose and I am not even sure if the humor will cross the big pond? :o)

Anna said...

Max-e you guys are funny lol. Shopping can be very stressful, at least for me, so it is important to have fun, lol. I like bookstores too..... Anna :)

Katney said...

When my hubby goes into a fabric shop with me, he follows me around like a puppy dog. It is good when there is a hardware store next door--or a fisherman's fly shop.