29 March 2009

Little Egret

Walking down the Sacremento Trail at Schoenmakerskop this afternoon, I came across this little egret.

What I found interesting is that I have never seen them frequenting the rocks along the shoreline before, but then as their diet consists mainly of fish, it figures - but I did not realise that it consisted of salt water fish. They are common throughout southern Africa and are generally found in shallow waters.


shabby girl said...

Aren't they beautiful? I love watching them and the herons fishing. The picture of patience!

Firefly said...

One gets so used to seeing egrets on grassy areas and amongst cattles that it is strange seeing them on the rocks by the ocean.

Gaston Studio said...

I remember seeing egrets in Egypt, mostly in the souther part around Luxor.

Great photos.

Sreddy Yen said...

I love the second photo...especially the reflection in the water~!