22 March 2011

While on the subject of fracking let's look at the spin

Yesterday I had a look at the Shell Commitment to the Karoo and could not resist having a closer look at the spin in their statement. What are your thoughts? 

The world littered with environmental disasters that were born out of good intentions and promises.  Let's hope that the Karoo does not become another of these.

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Suzi-k said...

note that the onus is not only put on the landowner to prove DIRECT damage, (as opposed to indirect, which is even more devastating) but it is AFTER THE FACT, in other words, first we will bugger up your farms and lives irretrievably and then, if you can afford what it takes to prove it, we will speak about financial compensation, with no mention at all about the permanent loss of a unique ecosystem. You can't pay for that!!