05 June 2011

Richmond Hill Walkabout

Yesterday morning I walked across to the park to look at the sunrise and ended up taking a stroll down th the Russell Road Cemetary. There is nothing like the early mornning light to for photography.

View down Callington Street towards Algoa Bay

The sun reflecting on the road in Kemsley Street

View from the Russell Road Cemetary

Dutch Reformed Church in Campbell Street starting to catch the suns rays

Edward Street Synagogue basking in the early morning rays

The old Erica building is very photogenic, espeacially in the morning


rapunzel said...

All beautiful. Love the Synagogue! Thanks for sharing the early morning beauty.

Firefly said...

A couple of stunning pics. I should leave early one morning and take a walk around Richmond Hill to get some pics for PEDP.

Rose said...

Great shots with great lighting....really love the lighting!

Judy said...

I love the early morning light, although I don't seem to catch it in the summer...
Wonderful buildings, too!

katney said...

The sweet light.

I am more likely to use the early evening sweet light.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

The cemetery shot is especially fine