19 September 2011

artEC Mural

The artEC (formerly the Eastern Province Society for Arts and Crafts) building, in Bird Street has recently undergone a major facelift, with a mural done by Gabriel Chipondo and Bongani Njalo. The pictures are all of people who line and work in the area.

The building is already becoming a a popular backdrop for photographic shoots.


Travellin'van said...

You always take interesting shots Max. I liked the skop skiet en donner explaination, lol, please throw some more in. Lekker

Firefly said...

I have to make a plan to go see it. Looking awesome

Marmsk said...

There are some amazing works of art on the sides of building, changing it from a boring side of bricks to interesting art.
Oh, btw, I am working on the buffalo, it is a huge challenge for me. Will publish it on the blog soon.