12 October 2011

Night shoot

Last night I wandered around Central after the opening of an art exhibition at arTEC taking a few pictures on the way. It was what I call a "hit and run" photography session. With no one to watch my back I set my camera on ISO 1600 and proceeded to shoot away and then move on.

The arTEC building mural has become a must see feature in Central. One day I will photograph it in the day light.

The Donkin, with Anton Momberg's Conversation Piece in the foreground.

The Feather Market Hall was built in the days when ostrich feathers were used in high fashion, rather than as feather dusters.


Firefly said...

I've been wanting to go and do a shoot like this. I passed artEC the other day and saw the mural. Looking good

Judy said...

Seeing the back of the statue is intriguing - reminds me of the way women dressed in my childhood. I love it against the skyline!
And I had never thought there was a feather market, for all I knew that ostrich feathers were tremendously important to the fashion industry! It is a truly impressive building. What is it used for now?

Max-e said...

Judy, the building is used for conferences, concerts, trade fairs etc. It is quite large inside and is a popular venue.