06 March 2012

Addo Trip #4 - Guinea Fowl

Guinea fowl are so common that they are often overlooked, but I find them interesting and comical and a challenge to photograph. That is because they don't ever seem to stop moving and always seem to be interacting with each other.

When you try and photograph them in the early morning drizzle when the light is not so good, it is even more challenging. We followed this damp hen and her chicks for quite a distance, before I was satisfied that I had at least one resonable shot. The other chicks were scurrying around somewhere in the grass, so I had to be content with this one.


Sylvia K said...

Wow!! What a beautiful, colorful bird! Wonderful capture, Max! Hope your week is going well!


Firefly said...

The guinea fowl trule are one of those symbolic South African birds which unfortunately like you say are often forgotten. Very nice shot of him.

katney said...

Baby is soooooooo cute.

Judy said...

Mama's face is so funny looking!!