18 March 2012

Life with Suzie - The arty one is back

When I say that the arty one is back, it is not that she left, but rather that her focus for the last three years has been on her role as chairlady of EPSAC, the Eastern Province Society of Arts and Crafts. Now called ArtEC (Art Eastern Cape) the society has been transformed into a vibrant gallery and organisation that is relevant to the whole art community in the region and the reigns have been handed over to a new team to take it forward to the next level.

It has been a hectic three years for her, leading the society with fresh new ideas and moving forward towards positive change. But as in any organisation where fresh ideas are brought in, there were also times of putting out fires and smoothing ruffled feathers, but that did not hinder the progress and the end result is positive.

ArtEC now has a new look and a fresh face and is very relevant in the community.

So now when I notice that there is an empty place in the bed next to me, at 3.00 in the morning, it is not because Suzie is preparing a news letter or a funding proposal or doing one of the many other tasks that kept her busy, it is because the creative juices are flowing and she is back in the studio, doing what she loves.

This is "Shelter" a mixed media art work, in a new body of work she is creating. To see more of Suzie's art go to Arty Farty Musings.


Sylvia K said...

And how creative she is indeed! Such great work for the community! The ArtEC is an incredible looking place. I also love her latest piece of work - superb!!


Firefly said...

I popped into ArtEC with a couple of colleagues on Friday and thought of Sue. Finally she has a life back. LOL! Go for it Sue!