22 July 2007

One Very Sick Puppy

I came across the blog of “Zimbabwe Image” by chance this evening. What a negative image he is portraying of Zimbabwe and of their rulers. I am all for freedom of speech and letting rip from time to time, but statements like the one below, are disturbing and don’t do much for the image of Africa, which has had more than its fair share of violence, intolerance and bloodshed. I quote:
"We will cut off feet that kick us. We will clog with granite
mouths that speak against us. We will kill those who seek to exploit us. We will
behead heads that plan to monopolise our land. We will not forgive our enemies,
neither will we wish them life. The era of an Afrikan Mandela is DEAD. We will
not be peaceful, we will fight, fight the neocolonialist, its habinger, its
uncle tom, and its schemer."
This is one very sick puppy. His disease is an unusual form of rabies that is evident in the ranks of the ZANU PF leadership. It is characterized by frothing of the mouth, irrational policies, racial hatred, venting of the spleen and violent behavior.

Jokes aside, it is attitudes like these that have lead to intolerance and genocide elsewhere in Africa and the world.

Fortunately the era of Mandela is not over. This great man has just celebrated his 89th birthday and is still an inspiration and force for good. It is our hope that his legacy will remain with us and become the model for a long time.

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