12 July 2007

Uncle Bob's Legacy

Mugabe does it again. Price control.

While making retailers drop the prices of their food products by 50% may seem a very noble thing to do, it is another example of gross economic mismanagement in Zimbabwe. It may score points with the electorate, but how will it impact the economy. No right minded retailer is going to restock the shelves of his shop, with products that cost more than he is allowed to sell them for.

The latest attitude of the Zimbabwean government is truly amazing - if business does not like the new policies they can get out and the government will run their shops. The mind boggles.

One can only hope that this does not lead to long term food shortages and starvation, for the ordinary citizens who are already in survival mode.

In a country where inflation is so high that the price of a drink increases even before you have finished a game of golf, a better thought out recovery programme is needed – one that does not involve Mugabe.

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Anonymous said...

shoo the bastard, if there was oil there, the rest of the world would take notice but as there is nothing to gain, no one cares. The Zim people need to stand together and wipe him out!