08 July 2007

Scratching Post

Well here goes.
I have been wanting to do this for a while now and have now taken the plunge into cyber space.
My intention is to comment and have my say on whatever grabs my attention.
If I put a smile on someones face or ruffle any feathers so be it.

This article, about a farmer who was mauled while hunting a leopard with a pack of dogs, in the Baviaanskloof area, caught my eye recently. Why is the response always to kill the predators? Let's rather preserve our wildlife heritage.


Suzi-k said...

ya these macho types are a pain, the leopard was obviously just minding its own business!

Max-e said...

Well the leopard was killing his live stock, but that is what predators do. Capture and relocation would be a much better option

Anonymous said...

leave the leopard there, he is doing what cats do. Poor farmer, is he ok?

Max-e said...

He has probably better now, but I am sure he will have more respect for leopards in the future

Ross said...

Hey Max-e,
Congrats on being selected as blog of note - it's good to see an SA blog being recognised... keep up the good work!