09 December 2007

The male of the species - Kudu bull

Several weeks ago Anna from Canada posted a delightful picture of a Kudu cow she had taken at the Toronto Zoo, which sparked a lot of interest. Its origins, however, were uncertain at that stage. As they are fairly common in this area I was able to identify it for her.

Anna carried a follow-up to the original post, by which time I was reclining in hospital, in fact I was in ICU, having just had a quadruple bypass. When I came out I promised to publish some pictures of the male of the species. Well, it has taken some time to get here, but here it is.

The pictures below were all taken at the Addo Elephant National Park.

Kudu bull

This guy's head was sticking out of the thick bush

Crossing the road
A magnificent spread of horns


Anna said...

Max-e again thank you so much for the mention me in your post, and wow these are such graceful kudu males. Just the horns itself are amazing, kind of prehistoric.

Thank you so much and hope you are doing okay, I know that it is not 100%, but I think with your enthusiasm and spirit of blogging will get you to 120%. Thank you again for all this, and just glad that you are back. Anna :)

Firefly said...

If you have never seen a kudu in the wild, go to Addo. The kudu graze on the open field like sheep some days. I my many journeys through the park I have seen the most magnificent horns you can imagine. I don't recommend hunters going for a look, cause they will be pulling out their hair for not being able to go after some of those boytjies.

sam said...

firefly, I am curious.... you clearly live around here... but your name does not link to a blog..do you have one? Anyway, howzit my broer!!

Oswegan said...

I hate to break the news, but that's no elephant.