03 September 2008

Antelope and buffalo

This old buffalo bull looks very benign, but don't be deceived by his bovine looks. The old bulls can be very dangerous and there are many reported cases of them goring people to death. If you happen to be on foot in the bush, give these guys a wide berth.

My favourite antelope is the kudu. Their population seems to have exploded in Addo.

Kudu cow browing. I once bottle reared an orphaned kudu, which is why I have such a soft spot for them.

Red hartebees.

When seen from behind these antelope seem to be wearing boxer shorts.


sonia a.m. said...

This buffalo bull looks very powerful and strong! I also love the kudu and I can imagine how lovely was this orphaned kudu. I also love okapi, they are so beautiful with their legs with white stripes!

Again, thanks for your participation on Ecological Day and your nice comments on others participants.

Anna said...

Hey Max-e you were the one to ID my kudu on my blog, lol, remember. I am always amazed about their ears. Scary stuff about the buffalo bull, and I always was paranoid of the cows, lol. Anna :)

Kerri said...

Great post Max! Love the "boxer shorts" comment!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful-looking animals!


photowannabe said...

powerful animals and I love the one with the boxer shorts. Great catch. The Kudu have such beautiful horns.