06 September 2008

Don't mess with nature

Spring was certaily ushered in with a bang this year. Take a massive cold front that created swells of up to 11 metres and couple it with a spring high tide and you have a recipe for destruction.

Here are a few before and after shots, to show the awesome power of the sea.

Kings Beach on a normal day.

Kings Beach last Sunday

Waves battering the sea wall at Sidon Street, behind Stuart Graham. This is not one of my pics but one that has been doing the rounds on the internet, so I cannot give acknowledgements to the photographer.

The aftermath. The building from the top picture can be seen in the top left.

The sea wall shot about a year ago. And I thought the waves were spectacular then.

The same area as it it is now

A tranquil scene taken from one of the popular fishing spots last year.

...... and the railway line heading towards the city

In one fluid movement the sea changed all that. I do not think the trains will be running any time soon.

It just goes to show that you cannot tame the sea and that bad town planning does not pay

For more pictures go to Arty Fartying Around and PE Daily Photo.


Hyde DP said...

awesome pics
and we have the audacity to moan about a bit of heavy rain here.

Arija said...

My goodness, those really were angry seas! Such a lot f devastation to repear not knowing if it will hold next time. Awesome.

Merisi said...

It looks like the sea got her revenge! What power!

LiD said...

Incredible before and after shots. Nature reminding us who is really in charge. It is too easy to forget but look at the concrete just scattered and broken like litter.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Just dramatic waves... what a fury of the nature! The aftermath photo is awesome!

Rose said...

These are fantastic, especially that 3rd picture.

Tommy V said...

wow.. mother nature at its best.

Roland Hulme said...

WOW. What AMAZING pictures (and pretty damn brave to go out and about takin' em.)

Anonymous said...