03 January 2009

It was a wet and misty morning

Our neighbourhood watch patrol was from 02h00 to 05h00 this morning. Generally the only people out at that time of the morning are the pimps, protitutes and pushers and party goers.

We were surprised at how quite the streets have become, at that time of the morning, remembering back to when the patrols started.

The occassional car prowling the neighbourhood, beats a hasty retreat as soon as it sees the patrol vehicle. By 04h00 the young women are returning up the hill, after a night of walking the pavements of Govan Mbeki avenue. We do record the registration numbers of their clientele, when we see them making a pickup.

Our job is to observe and record, which we do.

The flats where the human traffickers were arrested a few weeks ago are quiet. The regular drug runners are nowhere to be seen that could be because one on the kingpins had been arrested the day before. We suspect we have identified a few new ones tonight - maybe they have just changed their cars.

At about 04h30 the rain starts coming down and all movement stops. The revellers in Parliament Street and Rink street across the road in Centralcleave - they also leave the streets littered with empty beer bottles and other debris.

When our shift ends we decide to cross over into Central, to hopefully see the sunrise at the Donkin, but it is too misty. The view is not too bad though, looking out over the harbour from Belmont Terrace.


Firefly said...

Hi Max. Happy New Year.

Pity the misty rain won't wash the dirt from the streets. The dirt being the drug dudes, prostitutes and thiefs, but keep up the good work. You guys seems to be making some kind of inroads down there.

shabby girl said...

Well written! I felt like I was there while reading it. Great picture!

photowannabe said...

Congratulations on making a difference in your city's life. That's real dedication but worth the effort.
Love your watery sunrise. It has real character, just like you.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Cool pic. What a great thing you all are doing for your community. It's a great idea for many areas to start doing. Many streets need to be cleaned up. Thanks for sharing.

Sabrina said...

Ack, Max-e!! Be careful!

Rose said...

I am glad your neighborhood patrol is helping some. Also like the photo you posted.