06 January 2009

Spam, spam, spam

Do you respond to spam comments?

I certainly don't. I did not start blogging to provide a free advertising platform for various corporations, traders or sleeze merchants.

I have been getting a fair number of spammers leaving comments lately and have made a point of deleting them. Their pitch makes usually it sound like you visited their site and that they are really enjoying yours - come on Nike Air Jordan shoes what do you take me for. I certainly will not be buying your shoes.

Then today I received 57 comments from what I can only assume to be a sleeze merchant, that glories in the name of Sex. What they are saying I have no idea, as the writing appears to be Chinese. I have no intention of visiting that site either and will base my assessment of it on its name. I do not want these comments on my site so ove the next few days will be pressing the delete button.

For self protection against spam, I will resort to comment moderation for a while, so please bear with me..


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Yikes! That sucks. So much for getting reconized as a Noteworthy Blog. Hope mine never gets noted.

I have enjoyed your blog. I like reading about other countries and places. I'm from the US.


Sarah said...

I share your frustrations! I don't even have that many followers, but there always seems to be a spammer in my inbox. Comment moderation seems to get rid of it. :)

Have a great Tuesday!!!


Katney said...

I haven't had any for a while, even though I have removed both moderationa nd word verification. I guess I am lucky. When I do, I definitely remove. When I see it on another blogger's comments, I try to let them know.

Max-e said...

Hi All, clearing 7 sleeze comments plasted all over my site did not take too long, but it was a nuisance. thanks for the comments

Raph G. Neckmann said...

I use comment moderation and word verification. I like using both these, because comment moderation means I don't inadvertently overlook any comments from my readers, and also word verification is a source of much humour among bloggers! Creating words and meanings from the 'words' sharpens my wits, (or so I like to believe!)

Max-e said...

Oops! Did I say 7. I mean 57

Swubird said...


So interesting. I never seen anything like them.

Happy trails.

Firefly said...

I've been lucky so far and have pnly had one spam comment. I also hope they leave me alone.

Ferdi en Mimi said...

Maybe this can help you, its safe and free for personal users, it gets almost all spam out of your mail, take a look on this site..


Hyde DP said...

That chinese sex one pops up a lot and is especially dodgy I think.

I do feel that having word-verification + moderation is a bit excessive. If you are moderating comments you don't really need w-v as well - it puts off genuine commentators more than it does spammers.