03 January 2009

Signs and jargon

You have to be so careful how you word signage. Heck, the salesman just needs to tell me that the car is used. I don't need the guarantee.

At least they did not use that ridiculous term, "pre-owned cars," which always makes me wonder who owned the cars before they were sold, the first time round?

This reminded me of a resume I once received, where the guy listed his marital status as "post married." I wonder what happened to old fashoned divorce? Fortunately that one has not caught on.


Raph G. Neckmann said...

Maybe the gentleman who called himself 'post married' was euphemistically referring to his addiction to blogging! (Similar to the phrase 'Oh, my husband is married to his job' which one often reads.)

I'm really enjoying your blog, Max-e, and have listed it in my 'First Class blogs I like to read', if that's OK with you?

Anna said...

lol Max-e that funny!
Happy New Year 2009.
Anna :)

Sabrina said...

Good one!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

So true. There are a lot of signs that you either start laughing or wonder what in the world they are trying to convey. Good one! You've got a great blog going here.