03 January 2010

Food glorious food and other signs

I found this sign on a roadside shop in Lesotho quite amusing. I know what chips are, but can only guess what fats are..........needless to say that with my no fat and low cholesterol diet I was not tempted. Aside from the humour, it also shows an entrepreneurial spirit in a harsh environment, where there is a daily struggle to earn a living.

This seemed like a desparate, or should I say novel, appeal for business in Molteno. I also see that some of the petals on the flower were sacrificed, to improve the view of the sign. Having just eaten a big breakfast at Aliwal North we did not stop.

Then about 50 kilometres from Cradock we stopped at the Daggaboer Farm Stall to browse. For the unenlightened "dagga" is "marijuana" and "boer" is "farmer". Yes, that is the name of the farm. Apparently the name has four possible origins, but only one relates to dagga. If you want to hear these accounts you will have to pop into the farm stall and ask the owner.  It is well worth a visit and I can highly recommend the homemade pineapple juice and ginger beer and the roosterbrood (griddle bread)

And then, before resuming the journey, you can always stop in at the local loo, to have an "enjoyable farm pee". There is a lot of humour at the Daggaboer Farm Stall. You can also visit them on the net.

At one time our travel was aimed at getting from point A to point B as quicly as possible. These days we kind of dawdle along and enjoy the ride, looking for the these types of roadside gems.


Jane said...

Great signs, thanks for sharing:)

Stace said...

I visited Africa a few years ago and came home with lots of pictures of signs. They were as entertaining as the animals.

Firefly said...

Off the sign topic and on the pineapple juice. A couple of Eastern Cape farm stalls sell some of the tastiest pineapple juice found anywhere.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Funny! Great to have time to enjoy whatever comes along isn't it?

That bird is quite amazing!

Anna said...

Thanks for the good laughs, lol. Anna :)

shabby girl said...

How fun. I love clever signs. I'm looking forward to having the time to "dawdle" a bit too.

Marmsk said...

"Local" signs are one of my favourite things. I wish I had started collecting photos of them years ago. The favourite sign in my memory is the one beside a cage fo monkeys near Lusaka said,
"These Monkeys bite
by order"
I love the way the writer of the top sign had no qualms about putting the "k" of drin on the next line, and why not. But now I have the a new answer to the question, where has he gone? "Where the wily willy whisles in the wind", hmmmm, yes, good one.