03 January 2010

Village Roads

I think I may have mentioned, in an earlier post, that the roads in Lesotho are bad......though bad may be an understatement. 

All the roads that are featured in this post are marked in my GPS, but don't be fooled as they are not necessarity accesible by car, especially the one that is now incorporated into a maize field.
We were going along quite nicely here, when suddenly the road became too narrow for a vehicle.........................

.......it seemed that someone decided this was no longer going to be a road .......well maybe it could be used for bicycles, motor bikes and donkeys.

No problem my GPS showed us another route, so with some careful reversing and making sure we missed any strategically placed fence posts, we found another route. At this point the GPS said we "Turn left". As we were not riding a mountain goat, the logical thing to do was to go straight.

Can it get any worse? This section had the unmistakable signs of turning into a donga.

No, it was not all bad. This section of road also doubles up as the local soccer fiield.

What more can I say about the village's roads?

When we left the country and I was asked to fill in a form on our impresions of Lesotho, I marked the condition of the roads as poor. The tourism lady was most put out, so as a compromise I said that if one was in a 4x4, all set for adventure they were execellent, but in a normal vehicle one could have a problem if you left the tar roads.


shabby girl said...

We have also found that our GPS does not always tell the truth. We can be going along just fine, and it will tell us to get off the highway. Weird.

Max-e said...

Hi Shabby Girl, it is probably some perverse programmer having "fun".

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I have heard some funny stories about GPS units going haywire. I think there have been a few deadly ones here in the States. That was good sense to turn around.

The voice almost trains you to follow it :)

The roads do look bad. I would want a Jeep.

Anna said...

Oh I really enjoy country roads. Thanks for sharing Max-e. Good to see you posting again (and making me work hard, lol, just kidding, I enjoy your site and photos always). Anna :)

Marmsk said...

GPS, oh they lead us on a merry chase. We have had some interesting deviations in our travels lately.
The photos are great, you have a good eye for telling a story. I have missed so many posting, but I will gradually catch up.