07 May 2013

Koos the Terracan

After driving my trusted Ford Bantam bakkie (truck, ute, van) which featured in many of my posts for the past thirteen years, I traded him in for Koos, a Hyundai Terracan.

Being a 4x4, Koos has opened up many new routes for me and Suzie and we will be heading out to places that were inaccessible to us in the past. Well the travels have actually started already.

Watch this space for forthcoming "Adventures with Koos" as we head out onto the known and the unknown roads.


Firefly said...

Very nice. I'm seriously jealous. Wouldn't mind a little 4x4 myself

Max-e said...

It's been a dream of mine ever since I got rid of my Land Rover in 1972 Jonker...time now to indulge myself.