21 May 2014

Birding in the RSA - Cape Weaver

I've enjoyed wildlife for as long as I can remember, but more recently I have taken my interest one step forward and become a "birder". I am perhaps not a very serious one so there won't be many rare or shy birds appearing on this site, unless they come and pose right  in front of me. But still, whenever I get the opportunity to photograph birds I take the opportunity and snap away.

The series I am starting now is to post pictures of the birds I have photographed on trips around South Africa and those I have discovered living in the inner city of Port Elizabeth.

This Cape Weaver was very actively building nests at a campsite where we were staying at Matjiefontein, near Nieuwoudtville....the guy just never stopped.


Stewart M said...

Hi there - nice picture! Is this the species the builds huge nest colonies?

Link away - all are welcome.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Max-e said...

Stewart these build individual nests and may build several during the mating season. Often they are rejected and they start again.
Its the Sociable Weaver that builds the big communal nests, but they live further north. I unfortunately don't have any digital pics of their nests, but will be going to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in November and hope to get some photos then.

Judy said...

Lovely colouring on this fellow!!!

Cathy Kennedy said...

Birds are difficult to catch. It looks like he posed just for you. Nice shot!