27 May 2014

Life with Suzie - The lure of the open road

Suzie and I have become avid travelers and it is not just about reaching a particular destination, the destination is only one part of the journey. As soon as we hit the road, the holiday begins and the cameras start clicking. There are so many beautiful places to see in this country and photos to take, so why rush it. On one occasion it took us over an hour to travel 20 kms and on another we had 700 kms to travel that day, but only managed 180 kms.

But that is the way we are. The only rule when we travel is to shout "stop" when we want to take a photo. This of course means that the time and distance become subordinate to site-seeing and photography.

When we travel we always try to take a route we have not been on before and to preferably take the back roads. We try not to book our accommodation ahead, because we are apt change our routes on a whim and inevitably fall behind our schedule - and with today's smart phones it is easy enough to search for accommodation when we want to call it a day - provided there is cell phone reception.

This road from the Seweweeks Poort to Laingsburg epitomizes the lure of the open road for us. Always something new to see and experience. A dusting of snow on the mountains, the leucadendrons making a bright statement against the darker green of the fynbos - what lies over the the next hill, or what will we see when we go round the next bend......it's all a big adventure.

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Jonker Fourie said...

Suddenly I feel like a road trip. Going for a meeting at Wild Coast Sun in a week or two so can't wait