31 May 2014

Bling and dung

Since I am on the subject of dung, here are a few more "citizens" of the bush that find it just to their liking. This just goes to show that very little is left to go to waste in the bush - eventually the dung will break down and return to the soil as essential nutrients - but while it is still lying about, some creature will find a use for it.

At a certain time of the year (January and February) the Park is swarming with Brown-veined White Butterflies when they start their migration from the drier parts of the country to the more moist regions. Though moisture is not a problem for them in Addo, as long as there is fresh elephant dung lying about.

This Cape Glossy Starling, aka Bling Bird, is looking to see what delights it can find in a pile of elephant dung. In case you are wondering about the bling, click here for the origins.

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