29 September 2007

Bay World

I learnt today that taking an active three year old to the museum is not a good idea. Fortunately there are other things that were more to his liking, like crocodiles at the snake park.

Of course everyone loves a dolphin. Domino gave a star performance this morning, with his daughter Dumisa, looking on and providing her own side show. Dumisa's mother died when she was born and she is unique in that she was bottle reared.

Cape Fur Seal taking time out after feeding time.

Grey Headed Gull wanting to share my KFC. It is probably not a good idea to encourage this type of behaviour, but I could not resist giving him a few pieces


karoline said...

wonderful pics max!

thinking back to when the boys were that age...lol....you did a brave thing sir..



Max-e said...

Thanks for comments Karoline.
Saw the little man this evening and was surprised at how much he took in at the museum.
I often say to Sue that I look at things much quicker than she does, when we go to galleries and other interesting places. The same thing happened with Ethan - he just sees things quicker than me :)

WalksFarWoman said...

That is rare indeed for a dolphin to be bottle fed. I saw a programme about twin bear cubs been entirely reared by bottle they were some handful!

Max - Hope you'll accept the award I've just posted for you at Kissing The Dogwood! :)

Max-e said...

Hi walksfarwoman
Thanks for the award, it was quite a surprse.
Sorry, Wordpress was playing up tonight, so could not leave a message on your blog

Neva said...

All in all, it sounds like a fun day!

Max-e said...

Oh it was Neva. My approach is to have fun and make memories