19 September 2007

K - 30 years old today

Well, it was about the time when one of the university lecturers said, “You have passed”, that it all started
The not-a-mamma, as she was at that stage, said “Yippee I can throw away my pills!” And did.

What happened next is censored.

Then the axe fell, the official University results said I had failed my Shona language exam, but could write a sup. Cold sweat – the possibility of baby on the way and the prospect of another year as a married, impoverished student with a sprog in tow – did not seem the way to go.

Too late to start swallowing pills again.

Not long thereafter a trip to the doctor confirmed that a little miracle had taken place and a little sprog was on its way. In fact it was on the day that cousin Cara was born that your arrival was confirmed.

This was good motivation to learn a language, in a few easy steps, in about 3 weeks.
Rewrote the exam - more sweating as we waited for the results. And then miracle of miracles I passed. I still couldn’t speak Shona, but who cares.

Great joy in the family at the prospect of our very own baby and a new grandchild for all the grandparents and a niece and a cousin.

We ended up living in Mtoko in one of the hottest war zones in the country when you were on your way. The mamma getting bigger and bigger by the day.

Then after many hair raising experiences the time arrived for you to be brought into the world. It had to be an induction as the mamma had Odeama. The induction started at 9:00am and 12 hours later our little girl sprog was born.

You were such a good little baby, never, let’s make that seldom, cried. We could even take you to the movies. And you grew into a very happy and defiant little toddler, who gave your grannies the heebie jeebies when you climbed up and down the stairs in the flat.

As you grew up you brought us much joy. ...... we won't go into all the ups and downs of the next thirty years, but suffice it to say that you have become a very special, caring, talented human being (with a wicked twisted sense of humour thrown in for good measure!) We love you lots and are very proud to be your parents!

We are glad the lecturer gave us the wrong information, because if she hadn’t you would not be you.

No matter how old you get, you will always be our little girl.

Happy Thirtieth Birthday, lots of love from Mom and Dad


Anna said...

Happy bday from me too. I love the baby photo, what a joy and bundle of love. Anna :)

Mr. Mapper said...

Thanks for sharing your the story, and thanks for stopping by my blog as well.

photowannabe said...

Great story and cute pictures of your "test"
I'm here from Mr. Mapper's blog and enjoyed looking at yours.

Max-e said...

Thanks Anna she was a real little blessing

Thanks for stopping in mr mapper.

Hi photowanabethanks for dropping in. It it was a stressful time, but turned out for the best

RUTH said...

What a fabulous post....Happy Birthday to K (whisper...what wonderful parents you have)

karoline said...

happy birthday from me as well, and what a beautiful babe...