16 September 2007


These photos were taken at last years airshow in Port Elizabeth. The Cheetah fighter jet was built on the frame of the Mirage III's, South Africa bought from France in the 1960s. The Cheetah will be replaced by the Swedish Gripen fighters. I hope that they will be kept operational by the Airforce Museum and continue to do the rounds at the annual airshows.

I just love the raw power and speed of these jets. The only problem is trying to photograph them. I had a big collection of fuzzy pictures and blues skies after the last show. I have developed the greatest respect for aviation photographers.


Anna said...

Max-e great post, I love jet fighters too, thanks for remindiner. Been missing air shows in Toronto, but may be next year I will go, its been too long. Anna :)

WalksFarWoman said...

I'll be getting the camera out today as there is an exercise on at the nearby RAF base all week. Lots of French fighter jets arriving which will be a change from the usual Tornado's. We recently had Saudi jets so there's never a dull moment - or a quiet one. :)

Just hope the weather plays along, it doesn't look too good at the moment.

Max-e said...

Hi Anna
We never miss an air show if we can help it and spend the whole day there. Roasting or freezing, depending on the weather enjoying the show.

Max-e said...

Hi WalksFarWoman
Hope the weather turns out ok.
When I was a kid a loooooong time ago we lived near an airfield and my first memories of aircraft were, Vampire jets and Harvard trainers.
Will be looking out for your pics