05 September 2007

G for Gnome

When I was a child I harbored a secret wish that we would one day have a gnome in our garden. I could never understand why my mother did not like the idea. When I told Sue of my childhood dream, when we started our first garden together ……………… let’s just say that the dream died there.

Well, not exactly. Last Christmas Sue gave me Gottlieb. He is small enough so that no one will see him and his green attire will ensure that he blends in with the plants. As it has turned out he has become a house gnome. Seen here blending in with a ceramic horse, after a nose job – I think grandson got hold of him.

As a gesture of great thoughtfulness kindness, on my part and just so that Gottlieb does not get too lonely I bought Sue her very own gnome recently. He has been relegated to a pot in the garden, where he spends his day reading in the shade, from behind the stem of a ficus. (He does not have a name yet - any suggestions)

These two fellows were last seen watching the passing traffic from the balcony at an antique shop in Uitenhage. Not surprising that mother never bought into my dream!

My apologies walksfarwoman, I know you had Africa in mind when you invited me to join the group. I promse an African theme next week


WalksFarWoman said...

Max! How wonderful, now I can reveal my darkest secret - I adore gnomes. :)

In my last garden I had about ten very old ceramic gentlemen who were afraid of public scrutiny so hid all over the place peering out of the shrubbery. Once a year I lined them up and painted them nice new outfits! Totally mad but a lot of fun.

I so enjoyed your photo's and your post, welcome to the group. Will add you to the ABC blogroll right away.

RUTH said...

A great "G". I wonder what sort of Ficus it is...if it's a Weeping fig how about the name Figgy-Wiggy? The much esteemed RHS banned gnomes from some of their flower shows deeming them as "tacky"! Glad your Gnomes have found a good home ;o)

Ali said...

Max, welcome to the ABC Wednesday clan, I love it when new bloggers join in.

A great entry to start with. I think everyone secretly loves gnomes.. don't they?

Mike said...

Hi Max, welcome to the ABC thing. Gnomes are great. A few years ago I remember reading in the papers that somebody had one of their gnomes stolen out of their garden. Every week or so they'd receive a photo of their gnome in the post from different locations around the world. It was somebody's idea of a joke. I never did find out if they ever got their gnome back. I hope so.

Max-e said...

Hi all
Thank's for stopping by. Glad to see I am not the only one who likes gnomes. We and our children and friends have had some fun times with gnomes in the past, which has involved leaving them on an unsuspecting friend's door step and kidnappings (gnomeknapping?). Sue will be telling some of these stories in the near future

sfgirl said...

Max, I just love those gnomes, especially the one Sue got you, Gotlieb! How adorable! It also reminds me of the wonderful French movie, Amelie. If you haven't seen it, get it at the video store and watch it. You'll understand when you do! :)

Max-e said...

Hi Sfgirl. Thanks for your comments. I will look for the Amelie next time I go to the video shop.

Suzi-k said...

Ruth, I have to agree with the RHS! I am not a real gnome fan, so for me they are a real fun, tongue in the cheek kitch thing.... check out the one in the leopard skin leotards!

mrsnesbitt said...

Hey Max, welcome aboard! Love the gnomes as a child I always thought they were evil! Vivid imagination eh!