15 November 2007

Max Update:

Hi, Sue here again. Thank you SO much for all the concern and good wishes. On my blog I described what happened in more detail.

The latest update is that Max has been moved from Uitenhage to Port Elizabeth (little Ethan very excited that grandpa got to ride in an Ambulance!)

He is in the Coronary Care Unit, and I must say he is getting excellent treatment there.
He has had an angiogram, which shows some major blockages in the arteries, so it looks like he will have to have a quadruple bypass. I will be trying to get hold of the doctor to get more details later this morning, but it sounds as if it might be on Friday.

The good news is that, because the Rocklands clinic was so pro-active, (HUGE thanks to their nurse Jenny) the attack was caught in time before any damage was done to the heart muscle, so that, at least is positive.

Thanks again for all the prayers, thoughts and greetings, which I am passing on to Max. He is going through serious cyberworld withdrawal, I am sure he will be blogging like crazy as soon as he is back home and recovering!


Cheesy said...

oh Suz!! Hug that teddy bear of yours for all of us! Please know you are BOTH in my thoughts. Get better soon Max! [crappola I can't believe how far behind in my reading I am... thank you so much for letting us all know]

WalksFarWoman said...

No! Sue - that is so awful, thank you for taking the time to tell us even though you must be all over the place emotionally. What a worry for all the family and a great void for us.

Max always puts so much effort into his posts that I purposely reserved time today to soak up his wonderful descriptions and compelling tales. You just always expect people to 'be there' so it's such a bolt from the blue when they're not.

Life happens but thank goodness he's safe under medical supervision and being given such good care. Please tell him how much he is missed and how he will be constantly in our thoughts.

singleton said...

Oh, thank you for the update! And thank goodness, the attention is good there, sounds like they're gonna jump in and do exactly what is needed to get him up and runnin' again! Will keep the good stuff thoughts and prayers flying!

Peace~love~ and prayers to all......

Susanne in Key West said...

I'm so sorry to hear that, Sue. I wish Max getting well soon and send some warm "hello".

Please keep us updated.

Jenty said...

Glad he's in good hands. Hope he gets better quickly.
You're going to have to organise him a 3G card and a laptop ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update.

mrsnesbitt said...

Thanks for keeping us all informed of Max.
Do pass on our love and best wishes.
Feel so helpless so many miles away, but when he is fit enough to read his blog he will know he is loved and appreciated by all here.

photowannabe said...

Thnks Sue for the update and please convey my wishes for a speedy recovery and tell him my prayers are with him.
Sue of photowannabe

Max-e said...

Thank you all again for the warm wishes. In a day or so when the worst is over, I will print out all the latest ones to give to Max, it meant a lot to him getting the first batch just before the op.

Neva said...

Thanks for the update! We will keep him in our thoughts and prayers.